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Why Choose Paul Camp Custom Pools?

In over 40 years of building custom swimming pools and spas in Alabama and Florida, I’ve learned that the two most crucial aspects of any pool are the quality of materials and the level of craftsmanship.

That’s why I don’t build cheap swimming pools… and that’s why you shouldn’t want a cheap swimming pool.

Cheap pools don’t look right, and most of the time they don’t work right.

At Paul Camp Pools, we specialize in building custom swimming pools at reasonable prices.

That’s why I’m personally involved in every phase of building your pool… from the design stage, to digging the hole, to filling it with water… because my name is on every swimming pool we build.

Other pool companies in this area can’t say that. They sub-out every part of the construction they can so they can spend their time selling another pool to someone else.

Your commitment to build a swimming pool in Dothan, Enterprise, or Ozark, deserves better than that.

Ask people we’ve built swimming pools for if they’d recommend us to their friends. And be sure to ask them about our service after their pool was completed.

“Dealing directly with the owner” is not just something we say… It’s something you do with a Paul Camp Custom Pool.

Let’s talk.

– Paul Camp

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